• PSYCRETS. Mystery Entertainers society

    PSYCRETS: British Society of Mystery Entertainers


    A private international society for performers specialising in mentalism,

    bizarre magick, readings and allied psychic and mystery entertainment.



  • PSYCRETS : British Society of Mystery Entertainers

    PSYCRETS are a purely private, not-for-profit and non-denominational society. We have no association with any organised form of occult practice, and operate a tolerant policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political views and any other category of social identity


    Established in 2007, the Society's objective is to provide a haven for discerning mystery entertainers and psychic performers to frankly share ideas away from the commercial world, so as to be able to enhance the art of mystery entertainment. To that end, we provide access to an invite-only social media group and annually sponsor a physical Tabula Mentis event in the UK, which includes lectures, discussions of effects, methods, tools of the trade, the business side and trade, in specialist member products.


    The Society’s membership is international. We welcome applications to join us from all regions across the world, from both professional and competent amateur performers, plus media related specialists alike.


    The strength in our Society lies in the diversity of our members' backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, interests, and talent. Our past successes and future hopes lie in our common bonds of interest and fellowship in the development, performance, and discussion of mystery entertainment philosophy and techniques, along with a wealth of associated topics.


    Aside of a unique membership card and lapel pin on being awarded membership, benefits include a quarterly printed digest (PSYCRECY), access to a secure web 'coterie' and secret Facebook group, also an optional listing on our member's page. A further benefit through our network is that advance information, discounts and other bonuses relating to mentalism, bizarre magick, psychic and mystery entertainment events and products are also frequently made available to members. Additional member benefit plans are in the pipeline

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    For any direct or media enquiries do please drop us a line below via the form below.

    Or you can messenger us via https://www.facebook.com/psycrets


    All enquiries received are dealt with in confidence.