• PSYCRETS. Mystery Entertainers society

    PSYCRETS have an exclusive international membership which is strictly controlled.


    Entrance is usually by invitation or recommendation from an existing member.

    We do however welcome external applications. For more details please read below.



  • About PSYCRETS membership

    PSYCRETS have an exclusive international membership which is strictly controlled. The reason we control this is because the majority of our members are highly experienced exponents within their respective performing genres, and many being well-known performers or media consultants within the performing community. Subsequently, entrance is usually by invitation or recommendation from an existing member.

    We do however welcome external applications and invite those serious about applying to read more below.

    • Expectations of membership
    • Levels of membership
    • New member application policy
    • Application process
    • Application form
    • Membership fees

    Should you have any further questions about eligibility before applying, do please get in touch

  • Expectations of membership

    Our expectactions are that ...

    • All members must protect the secrets that lie at the foundation of any form of mystery entertainment, including magical gimmicks and gaffs, principles of magic and misdirection, and other methods. The protection of such secrets includes any magical literature or any form of media produced to assist fellow magicians and mystery entertainers.
    • Whilst members have the right to express their own views, they must not imply, or allow an implication that those views are shared by the society.
    • Members should respect the originators of all effects through refraining from exposure of secrets. Members shall regard the originator of any effect or presentation of any effect as the sole property of the originator and must not copy or market it without the written permission of the originator.
    • PSYCRETS respects the teaching of magic and mentalism as part of furthering the art of mystery entertainment, providing that it is done in a responsible and respectful manner and not outside the rules governing this society.
    • No knowledge or skills from magic or mentalism should be used by any member of PSYCRETS in the pursuit of any illegal ends.All approved members are considered ambassadors of PSYCRETS and membership requires that they should not act in a way that creates any negative impression of the society. As such we expect professional behaviour at all times and must not bring disquiet or disharmony to the group.All new applications to PSYCRETS will be dealt with in a fair and honest way. New members must follow the rules set by the committee and the committee will deal with each application in an honest, truthful and fair way.
    • In the absence of documentary evidence regarding status as a mentalist or mystery entertainer, members will carry the title of ‘Associate Member’ for one year, after which the committee will decide on full membership based on contribution to the society, evidence of public performances of mentalism and/or allied arts, publication of effects and books, and other suitable displays of commitment to mystery entertainment.
    • Any applicant will have the right to appeal the decision taken by the committee but no more than three appeals will be granted to any individual seeking membership
  • Membership policy

    Membership levels

    Associate Membership


    An annually reviewed probationary award which is for those mystery entertainers gaining experience or yet to demonstrate a satisfactory contribution to the craft.

    The transition to Full membership may be achieved through demonstration of inclusion of a routine/effect in a printed or digital media publication or full product release, performance video or equivalent evidence. Alternatively, a written application may be accepted for committee review, which is subject to a three month decision period.

      Full Membership


      Full membership is granted to mystery performers with a demonstrated record of achievement in the craft.

      Awards & honorary

      Membership awards


      David Berglas: Grand Master of Mystery

      In April 2008 we bestowed our highest level honorary award - the Griffin Award to David, in recognition of his lifetime of achievement in the world of magic, mentalism and mystery entertainment.


      Todd Landman: Chancellor of Mystery

      In November 2013 we bestowed our Phoenix Award to Todd in recognition of his dedication and commitment to the co-foundation and development of the Society.


      Honorary / Lifetime members
      Banachek, Docc Hilford, Enrique Enriquez, Scott Grossberg, Sheila Lyon, Christian Chelman, Guy Bavli, Lior Manor, Prof B.C., Marc Salem and Luke Jermay. Sadly we lost Barrie Richardson in 2015

      Ongoing membership

      Membership renewal


      Renewal is requested annually in the July /August period by email and may be made either via BACS, cheque or PayPal.

      Should newly qualified members join with the three months prior, then renewal is not requested for that year.


      Lapsed Membership


      Any member failing to renew their subscription within two months of renewal request will be considered lapsed and not able to re-apply for membership for a period of 12 months. The Committee reasons for non-payment and has measures for assistance where appropriate. Conversely, any member either failing to renew or wishing to re-apply must follow the same new applicant process detailed on this page

    • Application policy

      PSYCRETS membership application


      The minimum age acceptable for membership consideration is 18.


      Each applicant is requested to pay PSYCRETS the amount of £10 upon submission of a membership application form. This is a non-refundable amount to cover the time and administration cost involving each new application received.


      PSYCRETS will acknowledge receipt of each new member application form; decisions will be made known to the applicant within 28 (twenty-eight) days of application. This ensures the committee ample time to review, consider and process each application appropriately.


      Successful applicants will be required pay the appropriate regional fee for the first year of membership too. This is to cover the cost of the membership materials subsequently supplied by PSYCRETS.


      Every new member will be granted “Associate Member” status for a minimum period of twelve months, with the exception of the applicant being a known personality such as television persona, author of book/s or DVD’s on the subject of mystery entertainment or the originator of known effects.


      After a twelve month period, an Associate Member may apply to the committee to be considered a “Full Member".

      Data policy

      Firstly, we appreciate that all information submitted to us on either the contact or application form, is submitted to us in confidence. To aid that trust, our website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which lets visitors access it over HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) - this means that the connection between you and website is encrypted and cannot be viewed by a third party.


      Be assured that any information, specifically the membership application form will only be used to fulfil our membership requirements and to communicate with you. At no point will any information provided be disseminated for the gain of the Society - and may only ever be disclosed where requested in the exception of a request as part of a legal enquiry.

    • Application process


      1: Policies

      Please familiarise yourself with this page and our policies

      Application form

      2: Application form

      Complete the application form below as fully as possible

      Process fee

      3: Processing fee

      If no process fee is received (below) your application will not be reviewed

      Application review

      4: Society Review

      Committee will review / check your application and reply within 28 days

      Membership decision

      5 : Decision

      The Committee and membership look forward to welcoming you

      Membership welcome

      6: Pay Membership

      Become part of a special society within the creative community

    • Payments

      Pre-Application & New Membership Fees

      Annual Membership Renewal