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    2017 - 2018

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    Steve Drury

    Steve Drury (Co-Founder)


    Current Committee Lead: Steve performs psychological magic and mysteriosophy for all size audiences and event types across the UK and internationally. He also provides psychological workshops on both an educational and business level.


    Aside from presenting Steve also writes and consults in the field for other professionals, businesses and societies.


    Steve is a co-founding member of PSYCRETS (along with Roni Shachnaey and Prof. Todd Landman). He further retains public membership with Equity, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, plus a few other lesser known coterie.


    General website: www.stevedrury.com

    Products website: www.mysteryentertainerproducts.com

    Email: steve@stevedrury.com

    Iain Jay

    Iain Jay


    Based in the far North of England, Iain usually prefers to remain in the shadows and is rarely seen however he is well known amongst our ranks as a highly unique performer, producer and director.

    Utilising his backgrounds within psychology, communications, training and education he now heads several interwoven companies providing stress management and personnel development, educational shows for schools & colleges, theatre & circus productions, festival entertainments and consultancy.

    A specialist within Mentalism, Bizarre and Séance they well suit his abilities and sense of humour. Iain performs under various monikers. ‘Dr Iain Jay’ is his Mentalist, Parapsychologist persona. ‘Mindwraith’ the purveyor of strange tales and the dark arts whilst ‘Rookman Swindler Esq’ is the epitome of Circus Sideshow and the gateway to unusual wonders, odd characters and a wealth of entertainment as well as educational possibilities. Events range from exclusive dinner parties with unexpected twists to theatre shows and large scale events with 100,000+ audiences. He has worked worldwide alongside Sting and The Pet Shop Boys, East Street Band, Ant & Dec, Nathan Curry (Choreographer), Bradley Hemmings (Co-Artistic Director London Olympics Opening Ceremony) several International Street & Festival production companies, numerous top Circus professionals and Wincey Willis.


    Website : http://iainjay.wix.com/iainjayportal

    Email : iain@iainjay.com

    Daniele Nigris

    Daniele Nigris


    Daniele is self-professed as having studied the bases and limitations of psychological and social ‘knowledge’ since his youth, in Italy. Also having been a reader of Tarot and other communication techniques for many decades, he has become expert in suggestion, the manipulation of belief and a powerful hypnotist ... but remains a scholar.


    As Professor at the University of Padova (Italy) he teaches what he terms as ‘Social Epistemology’ - carrying through the conviction of there being little discrepancy between academia and magic, which (having trained as an actor in hIs teens) likens it as a relationship between an extraordinary person and the world.


    Daniele also retains a position on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Performance Magic at the University of Huddersfield in the UK, and has authored several contributions in the field of both mystery and psychic entertainment.


    Email : daniele.nigris@unipd.it

    Roni Shachnaey (Co-Founder) 1944 - 2017


    Roni gave everything he had to the Mystery Entertainment community; his performances, influence and guidance in our craft touched so many across over the years. His legacy of benevolence and spirit will be enormously missed.


    Israeli born, he fought in the Six Days War. He formed a professional band (achieving number 1’s - and in 2014 inducted into a hall of fame!) With performance running through his veins turned his hand to stage magic and then mentalism and bizarre magic - achieving much acclaim and notoriety internationally.


    He was an author and creator of numerous effects, routines, utilities and systems for personal readings, Roni was the founding president of the Southend Sorcerers, the Israeli Society for Promoting the Art of Magic, and a co-founding member of PSYCRETS in 2007.


    His products were sold through his own House of Darkness brand. He had lectured throughout the UK, Israel, and the United States. Some 40 years of his professional repertoire in mentalism, readings, and bizarre magick was compiled and co-authored by Steve Drury in 2013, entitled Mystic



    R.I.P Roni. The black candle will flicker forevermore